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Financial Considerations

The financial aspect is crucial as most testing is not covered by insurance. We help you focus on what is needed, rather than ordering labs indiscriminately, considering the cost to you.

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Consultation & Testing

Our process begins with an initial intake consultation to define the issue and decide which tests would be beneficial both medically and financially. We guide you towards the most medically high-yield and cost-effective testing and treatment options. We ensure that the results obtained from sophisticated testing improve your health.

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For best results, an initial consultation with a trusted professional is strongly recommended

During the initial consultation, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms and health goals with our medical providers. This dialogue helps us guide you towards the necessary tests and away from those that might not be useful in your specific case. We recommend sending us your latest blood work via our HIPA protected portal prior to your initial appointment to give our physicians a better understanding of your health.